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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Buying Stock Photography – What is the difference between Rights Managed and Royalty Free, and 72 dpi versus 300 dpi?

Buying Stock Photography
Stock photographs are images taken by either amateur or professional photographers of people, animals, business settings, etc. Sometimes the stock images are a little generic; however, while they may not be exactly what you want, they often may fill the bill at a much cheaper price. Examples of sites where you can find stock photography are listed below.

What is the Difference Between Rights Managed and Royalty Free
Be sure to read the details and purchase Royalty-Free images vs. Rights-Managed images. Rights-Managed images are protected under a license that stipulates specific terms of use (single purpose). Royalty-Free licenses allow you to purchase the image for use as long and as often as you need. The greatest difference between the two licenses is the price, and, undoubtedly, Royalty-Free is cheaper.

If you are going to purchase images from a stock photography web site, purchase images that are 72 dots per inch (dpi) in resolution if you are going to use them for the web site only. If you are going to use them for print as well as the web then purchase images at 300 dpi minimum.

What is the difference between 72 and 300 dpi?
DPI is a form of measurement that defines the clarity of an image being printed. It is measured by the number of dots that fit into one square inch. The higher the dpi, the smaller the dots, the sharper the image. The lower the dpi, the bigger the dots, and the less clear the image. The standard for web is 72 dpi; however, the standard for print is 300 dpi. In other words, if you were to print a 72 dpi web image, it would come out looking really poor, yet on the web it would look really good.

This is due to the fact that paper is measured in inches. Therefore, the number of dots per inch highly affects the quality of an image when it is being printed. On the other hand, monitors measure in pixels which makes very little difference in the quality of a digital image.

Stock Photography Web Sites

Comstock Images
Getty Images
Jupiter Images
Master File
Picture Quest

NOTE: If you are looking for a good deal check out and These stock photo web sites sell royalty free stock photos, video and graphics on a credit system. Some credits are as low as $1 each, with a minimum purchase of $12. You can buy as many credits as you need, the more credits you buy the less expensive the stock. Credits are valid for at least one full year from the date of purchase.


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