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St Botolph's Church: Dated 1450 View from the Nave
St Botolph's Church: View from the Church Yard
Maud Foster Drain : View of Maud Foster Windmill
River Witham: View of Sluice Bridge and Town
Frieston Shore: View of Marsh and Outlying Land

Maud Foster Drain - Boston located on the East Coast, receives millions of gallons of water from the Midlands each day. In addition, its close vicinity to the sea, has in the past endured frequent flooding. Today it is no longer under the threat of flood due to an extensive drainage system. Maud Foster, cut in 1568, is one of many drains found in and around Boston that helps drain the land. Situated on its banks is the Maud Foster Windmill, a five sailed windmill, open to the public, that dates back to 1709.
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