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St Botolph's Church: Dated 1450 View from the Nave
St Botolph's Church: View from the Church Yard
Maud Foster Drain : View of Maud Foster Windmill
River Witham: View of Sluice Bridge and Town
Frieston Shore: View of Marsh and Outlying Land

The Nave - Located at the east end lies the nave alter, choir stalls and high alter. At the west end, lies the base of the bell tower, from which paneled walls rise to a 137 foot vault. Ceilings in the nave have undergone many restorations, the most recent being in 1929. The centre is dominated by pews built in 1853. Funds for restorations are received only from the townspeople and the generosity of visitors. To view QTVR place your mouse in the image click and drag at the same time. Use the + and - to zoom in and out.

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