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Fenland People - The images to the left depict family life in Lincolnshire during the early 1930-50's; they are pictures of the Codd family (my own family), taken at Southfields Farm, Old Leake. Unfortunately the farm is no longer a working farm, but a private residence. Previous to the golden age of farming the fens were mostly under water. Anyone living here lead an amphibious life, earning a living from hunting, fishing etc. Farming started during the 1800 - 1900's when effective drainage of the land created more arable land. Land prices soared and Boston's population increased 3 fold. Livestock, grain and potato farming increased, however; as arable farming intensified there was a market reduction in permanent pasture, which brought about the decline in livestock farming. Today the golden age of farming is over, as my family says "farming doesn't pay anymore".

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