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I would like to acknowledge the authors of "Aspects of Yellowbelly History", James Dear and Tom Taylor, for which inspiration for this site came from. Quotes from the book fully explain about Yellowbellies, "For many years the term 'Yellowbelly' has been a contentious issue, no one explanation is accepted as correct. Recently the term has been applied to any person 'born or bred' in Lincolnshire. Two major schools of thought have persisted, firstly, that it refers to the belly of marsh frogs and secondly to the color of the uniform of the Lincolnshire regiment, but frogs/newts are nearer the truth. Warty Crested Newts, British Newts and Palmate Newts have orangy yellow bellies and would have been common fenland amphibians. All species are rare today, but still swim in local ponds."

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