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[1889 / 1978]
1889 - Born 1 Nov, as Johanne Hoch in Gotha. Her mother an amateur painter, her father a manager for an insurance company.
1904 - Left high school to care for her younger sibling.
1912 - Enrolled in Kunstgewerbeschule, Berlin Charlottenbourg studied glass design.
1914 -Outbreak of World War 1 - traveled to Cologne to see the Werkbund Exhibition.
1915 - Moved to Berlin to study graphics with Emil Orlik at the Staatlichen Lehnranstalt des Kunsgewerbemuseum. Met and became lovers with Raul Hausmann.
1916/1926 - Worked for Ullstein Verlag designing handiwork patterns for Illustrierte, and other magazines.
1917 - Became involved in the Berlin Dada circle through Hausmann.
1920 - First exhibited in the Novembergruppe annual exhibitions, subsequently participating for the next 10 years.
1921 - Traveled to Prague with Hausmann.
1922 - Separation from Hausmann and exhibited in Berlin.
1924 - First Parisian visit Hoch met Mondrian and exhibited in the Soviet Union.
1925 - Exhibited in Deutschen Kunstgemeinschaft Berlin. Second trip to Paris.
1926 - Met Til Brugman and lived with her in the Hague through 1929.
1928 - Exhibited in the Netherlands and other cities in Germany.
1929 - First one person exhibition: Kunsthuis de Bron in the Hagues, Rotterdam.
1930/1931 - Moved back to Berlin with Brugman and exhibited in the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung and the Berlin Fotomontage exhibition.
1932/1932 - Exhibited in America and Brussels.
1934 - One person exhibition at Kunstzaal d'Audretsch in the Hague. One person exhibition in Czechoslovakia.
1935/37 - Separation from Brugman.
1938 - Married Kurt Matthies.
1942 - Separated from Kurt Matthies.
1945 - Exhibited in Berlin and at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
1978 - Died in Berlin