Yellowbelly begins every project by working with you to create an accurate picture of the product you envision. Below is the process which we normally journey through to reach the end product - a fully functional, graphically enhanced, live web site.

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Strategy - To be effective, strategic planning should involve the participation of your company's key decision-makers. Some of the more important factors to consider before deciding on a new media project include overall business strategy, brand development, analysis of the competition, and an understanding of the target audience.

Deliverables may include:
  Business Strategy
Brand Development Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Target Audience Study
- We can't overemphasize this stage is the most critical to your project's success. Defining your project's goals, messages, and audience drives both the information design and the visual design of your project. This stage also encompasses preliminary budgeting, scheduling, timelines, licensing issues, and other administrative tasks that must take place before the project can begin.

Deliverables may include:
  User Profiles
Production Plan and Time Schedule

- Storyboarding is vital at this stage in order to develop a working navigational system. Refine the structure, look and content into a working interface/prototype is essential . Once approved the site undergoes User Testing to identify user issues and correct any potential problems before the production phase begins.

Deliverables may include:
Visual Interface Design/Prototype
User Testing

- In Production (building of your site) the importance of the previous phases becomes abundantly clear. Production should move forward smoothly, thoroughness in the Definition and Design phases should eliminate any unwelcome surprises.

Deliverables may include:
  Fully Developed Site - ready for quality assurance testing

Quality Assurance
- Like the Definition phase, Quality Assurance tends to uninteresting and is frequently underscheduled and understaffed. There are many different types of QA testing including functionality testing, stress testing, platform testing, and proofreading.

Deliverables may include:
  Functionality Test
Platform Test
Content/Proof Reading Test
- Once all testing is complete and the final product approved, you're ready to release! As exciting as your product's release is, it is not really the "end" of the project. Most projects need maintenance to different degrees, and a close watch should be kept on user feedback to help facilitate future improvements or additions.

Deliverables may include:
  Productions Files and Templates

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